Drysuit Service Specialist for all your needs in maintenance, repairs and alterations

Altalena has been trained overseas by the respective manufacturers and is the Authorised Drysuit Service Centre in Australia for:

Drysuit Service Centre

Professional customer service


We meet rigorous standards for quality and service to ensure the watertightness of your drysuit. As an Altalena customer you will benefit from our EVA, an in-depth evaluation of your drysuit consisting of a fully detailed visual inspection, a pressure leak test and a valuable service report.

We offer the highest quality diagnostic and repair services for tri-laminate and Cordura drysuits of all brands. If your drysuit needs some TLC or your drysuit leaks dive after dive, we can provide the professional attention required and we back up our repairs with a 90-day warranty. A detailed service report of your drysuit will help you achieve a stronger resale value when you want to sell your current drysuit.

The Authorised Drysuit Service Centre in Australia for:


Rebreather Service Centre

Poseidon rebreather servicing

Poseidon rebreathers must be serviced by a qualified authorised Poseidon Service Centre to make any necessary repairs or adjustments, at least once every two years, at the maximum recommended interval of 104 weeks. The service due date can be seen on the controller during the pre-dive procedure and through the RB Config tool for Windows or Mac OSx.




Altalena is located north of Sydney next to the M1 Gosford exit, about 25 minutes from Hornsby. Our premises are ideally positioned in a modern industrial complex in Somersby.