Service Completion Timeframe

We are offering the highest quality diagnostic and repair services for all brands tri-laminate and Cordura drysuits. The following servicing timeframe is based on scope of work and its extent or complexity.

The servicing timeframe of your drysuit can only start once we receive the actual drysuit with the filled in and signed service form.

Within 10 working days – short service

  • Leak test
  • Leak repairs (up to 3 leaks)
  • Latex / Neoprene neck seal replacement
  • Latex wrist seals replacement
  • SANTI Smart Seals® system installation
  • Wrist rings installation
  • Valve replacement
  • Extra valve installation
  • P-valve installation
  • Kneepads installation
  • Braces installation

Up to 20 working days – medium service

  • Leak repairs (up to 10 leaks)
  • Side pocket installation
  • Zipper replacement
  • Flex soles replacement
  • Standard neoprene boots replacement
  • Neoprene socks replacement

Up to 30 working days – extended service

  • Service including in excess of 3 of the above services at once
  • Leak repairs (over 10 leaks)
  • Change of boots requiring alterations
  • Change of neoprene socks or Flex soles requiring alterations
  • Alteration work (ie. arms / legs shortening, drysuit narrowing / widening etc)
Timeframe may be affected by:
  • Delivery of genuine parts not stocked locally
  • Manufacturer’s decision for warranty work
  • Services requiring customer’s reply for clarification
  • Non compliance with the servicing procedure

We try our best to keep the servicing time as short as possible and will inform you when the serviced drysuit is ready for delivery. Please note that we are currently in a pre-opening phase, our production is not fully operational yet as we are still expecting some special equipment and stock.

We are an independent company and are neither owned nor operated by a drysuit manufacturer. The manufacturers dictate the spare parts and servicing procedures. We are not responsible for, nor have the right to control the manufacturers’ design, fabrication and established servicing procedures.

For full T&Cs refer to Altalena – terms and conditions of drysuit service and drysuit related diving equipment.