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Service Form 1709
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Easy Step Service



For leak test and repairs, you download the service form. Submit it online when filled in and attach a signed copy to your drysuit.


You send your drysuit with the service form to Altalena, your Drysuit Service Centre, or ask your dealer to send it for you.



The Drysuit Service Centre emails a quote prior to starting servicing your equipment.



Your serviced diving equipment is sent back to you with a full service report.


  • 1.1   You download the service form, fill in all required fields and email it to us before sending a drysuit regardless of the service type, warranty or out of warranty.
  • 1.2   For Santi drysuit warranty a proof of purchase must be attached.
  • 1.3   Unless the end-user proof of purchase is provided, the warranty starting date is 1st January of the production year printed on the drysuit product label.
  • 1.4   Removing manufacturer product label attached to inside drysuit bib voids warranty.
  • 1.5   Only one drysuit serial number is recorded per service form. The serial number is located on the drysuit product label.
  • 1.6   The latest service form is downloadable from our website and supersedes any previous service form.
  • 1.7   Before sending any equipment for service, you need to familiarize yourself with the manufacturer’s typical service completion timeframe, our terms and conditions and the product warranty period as the extent of work can affect timeframe and cost.
  • 1.8   The emailed service form must precede the arrival of any drysuit to us to avoid a drysuit receiving handling fee.
  • 1.9   A drysuit may be returned to sender if the corresponding service form has not been emailed before sending the drysuit to us.

2.   SEND

  • 2.1   The sender, either the end-user or the Santi dealer, sends the diving equipment for servicing to us.
  • 2.2   A signed filled in service form must be included with every drysuit sent for service. The back of the service form can be used if additional space is required for notes or details.
  • 2.3   Any faulty or broken product claimed under warranty must be sent with the drysuit for servicing and a comment entered in the notes area on the service form.
  • 2.4   The drysuit sent for service must be complete (rings, valves, seals). Otherwise servicing may either be delayed or can’t be performed.
  • 2.5   The drysuit bag is not required.
  • 2.6   The drysuit must be clean when sent for service.
  • 2.7   The sender pays for shipping to us.
  • 2.8   Shipping to us is at your risk regardless if the service is under warranty, extended warranty, limited warranty or out of warranty.
  • 2.9   You acknowledge that it is your responsibility to ensure that all products are insured from point of delivery. We cannot be held responsible for any lost products.
  • 2.10   Any drysuit received without enclosed signed service form will be stored at a daily storage fee until the corresponding signed service form is received by us.


  • 3.1   Note that any servicing affecting the drysuit water-tightness integrity will undergo the EVA.
  • 3.2   Subsequent to EVA we email you a quote prior to servicing the drysuit.
  • 3.3   By returning the signed quote you authorise us to start servicing. Each quote must be signed even if the value is nil.
  • 3.4   Variations of service work. In the event that defects are encountered during servicing and not itemised on the quote, you will be informed in writing before proceeding further.
  • 3.5   Self-repair, alteration or modification of the drysuit or any other Santi product without manufacturer’s knowledge and consent void automatically the warranty of the product.
  • 3.6   Parts supplied by you (p-valve, seals, valve, zipper etc.) attract an additional installation/handling fee.
  • 3.7   We have the right to decline installation of non-genuine Santi spare parts or parts not included in the Santi offer.
  • 3.8   Techniques used during service process may differ significantly from the factory production techniques. Prior to servicing we will inform you if this applies to the service.
  • 3.9   We have the right to decline servicing or can charge cleaning process to dirty diving equipment or in questionable sanitary conditions.
  • 3.10  A storage fee will incur for your drysuit if payment has not been received within 30 days from the date of your quote.
  • 3.11   After 90 days of storage of an unclaimed product you accept to pass on to us the right of ownership without restriction. You further authorise us to sell the product as we see fit to recover any dues.


  • 4.1   The shipping of serviced diving equipment, sent back to the sender by us, is:
    • 4.1.a   Free of charge within Australia (excluding remote islands) when 100% of the service work falls under the manufacturer’s warranty and/or extended warranty.
    • 4.1.b   At your expense for Stay Dry Club once a year free of charge leak test or if the product includes any service not covered under the warranty, extended warranty or limited warranty.
  • 4.2   Shipping is not available to PO boxes and lockers.
  • 4.3   Any requested change to our standard freight arrangements will be at your expense.
  • 4.4   Any outstanding payment is due prior to delivery.
  • 4.5   The risk passes to you on delivery, and delivery to the carrier constitutes delivery. We accept no responsibility for the product once it has been delivered.
  • 4.6   We will email you the delivery tracking number. It is your responsibility to check the delivery status.
  • 4.7   Claims for product lost or damaged in transit must be made directly with the carrier according to carrier’s terms and conditions


For full service T&Cs refer to Altalena – terms and conditions of drysuit service and drysuit related diving equipment.